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Welcome to Happy Tales Dunedin, an interview based podcast with your host, Linda. Happy Tales Dunedin shares stories and personal journeys from those located in Dunedin, Florida.


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My name is Linda,  I have been a resident of Dunedin for about 10 years + now moving here from Upstate New York.  A part of my life was as a child growing up in Sarasota and some of my fondest memories were of selling seashells on the beach to our “snowbirds”.  It sounds cliché but it was an enterprising adventure.  Then before I knew it, it was my turn to be the snowbird and then take the ultimate plunge of moving down to Florida full time. 

We would drive down Interstate 95 during our snowbird days to determine where we should land.  We realized that although we loved St. Augustine and spent some serious time looking around, we realized it just wasn’t warm enough for us. 

We went in search of a decent dog beach and traveled to several different locations which we liked.  When we came across the Dog Beach at Honeymoon Island State Park, we knew this was the spot for us.

It was warm enough and Dunedin was truly a little piece of paradise.

We were lucky to move to this wonderful little piece of paradise and soon discovered the Pinellas Trail Bike path.  In the years that we have been here we have spent more miles than we can count either walking or riding our bikes on the trail.

One thing I noticed almost immediately was that there were a lot of people that we would see continuously on the trail and we would have a passing nod to each other or a word about the weather, and so on.  Then I noticed that some people would be here one day and then “disappear”.  Not knowing where they went or what their story is or was.

I asked a few friends of mine and then folks in town I don’t know if they would be interested in sharing their stories and for the most part YES was the response.  

First let me say that the only thing I know about Podcast’s are how to listen to them.  I certainly am ready for any suggestions or helpful criticisms from you.  I have expert help in putting this whole thing together from a very important person to me, Zelda Diana Black, she is my granddaughter and has her own podcast.   She is my inspiration for putting this together….  

I will be spending my time on the trail at different times of the day and at different locations.  You will be able to identify me with a shirt that has Thanks for Talking To Me on it.  Please feel free to approach me if I am not interviewing anyone.  I would love to hear your story… - Linda

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